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New Orleans have one, Melbourne and Sydney have one, Spain has the biggest one of all and now Newcastle is getting into gear for its biggest yet Newcastle Tomato Festival!

The first Newcastle Tomato Festival was held in February 2015 along the waterfront at The Honeysuckle Precinct. Over 700kg of fresh tomatoes were processed in a community passata-making workshop, fresh pasta from local restaurant il Griffoni & Bloody Mary tastings were in abundance! The most popular part of the day was the ‘Passata Stomp’, a fun, interactive activity that involved not only visitors, but also surrounding businesses who donated prizes for the event. The event gained widespread media coverage. Check our 2015 gallery here.


After the success of the inaugural Newcastle Tomato Festival in February 2015, we listened to our fans who demanded that the 2016 event was not only possible, but that the concept should be expanded upon considerably to create a more sensory and tactile food experience!

The 2017 event will be held at the Carriageworks (on the Newcastle Foreshore), in a much bigger capacity. The 2017 Newcastle Tomato Festival will be visited by Novocastrians and visitors of all ages & from all walks of life - there is something for eveybody.


Over the course of the day visit cooking demonstrations, markets, gourmet food trucks, winery and brewery tastings, gardening workshops all in the celebration of the tomato!


The festival highlight will be the charity Tomato Throw, involving over 2 tonnes of tomatoes that will be sold off by the bucketload to punters to hurl at one another in our designated tomato-throwing arena!

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