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Tomato Throw

Get ready to throw, hurl, toss and pelt as Newcastle gears up for its biggest ever Tomato Fight!

On 2017'S the last day of summer over a tonne of tomatoes will be sold off in 1kg lots to punters as they enter the Tomato Throw Arena to take part in the city’s biggest tomato fight, staged in five minute rounds throughout the day. The first tomato fight kicks off 10am!


Don't worry though - the tomatoes we are using aren't suitable for eating, and all the messy squishy waste will be

collected and composted after the event by local Newcastle greenwaste recycler The Green Helping Hand.

So throw with abandon! - You're actually doing your bit for the environment!

About The Tomato Throw

  • Not only do you get to hurl the perfectly juicy, squashable, messy fruit at friends and family – local celebrities and sportspersons will be in on the action through the day to become tomato hurlers and hurlees all in the name of charity!

  • Sports personalities, musos and others will be all be getting in on the fun.  Check festival program for times.

  • Proceeds from the Tomato Throw will go to a Newcastle based charity - are you interested in nominating your charity? Contact Us now!

The Rules!

  • No bottles or other hard objects are allowed into the Throwing Arena

  • Do not rip other people's T-shirts

  • You must squash the tomatoes before throwing them as this reduces the impact

  • As soon as you hear the second alarm, you must stop throwing tomatoes

  • Have fun, but be careful of yourself and other people

Things To Remember

  • Wear closed shoes that you do not mind throwing away afterwards. No thongs or sandals are allowed.

  • Wear old clothes, or clothes that you are not planning to wear again. They will most likely end up damaged or incredibly dirty.

  • You may find goggles useful.

  • If you are planning to take pictures, bring a waterproof camera!

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