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Babaganoush is a roasted eggplant dip. The smoky flavor that is particulalry Northern Lebanese characteristic is gained by char-grilling juicy plump eggplants until they are blackened. The flesh of the eggplant is then scooped out and belnded with spices, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.


Babaganoush is wonderful as a dip on its own, but traditionally it would be used as a side to a barbequed meal, and used almost as a sauce to add flavor to each biteful.


As this item requires refrigeration, it is available to Newcastle customers only. Newcastle, now you can now enjoy your own authentic Lebanese dips delivered straight to your door! 



Babaganoush Dip 220ml

  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NEWCASTLE LGA! If you are outside the Newcastle LGA, please contact me and we can discuss if delivery to your area can be arranged.

    We need 2 days notice prior to your requested delivery date to be included in the delivery schedule. All food included is fresh made to your order, so apologies, there are no exceptions to this.

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