Fattoush salad is a deliciously seasonal, fresh and herby salad. Said to have originated in Northern Lebanon, Lebanese farmers would fry flatbreads in a bit of olive oil and add to their salad for extra crunch and flavor. 


Newcastle customers, you can now add a delicious, fresh salad to your authentic Lebanese dinner, and have it delivered straight to your door! A bowl of Fattoush easily serves four, so working out at $10.00pp, it's a great value way to indulge in a traditional Lebanese side dish without having to do all the hard preparation work!


What's included in the Fattoush Salad?

  • Over 1kg of fresh, seasonal salad vegetables and herbs
  • Signature crunchy toasted flatbread
  • A zesty dressing of virgin Hunter Valley olive oil, sumac and freshly squeezed lemon juice.


Have all the above delivered to your home! The hard work is already taken care of by us; all you have to do is mix the dressing through your Fattoush salad, add the crunchy morsels of toasted bread on top, serve and enjoy! 


Fresh. Home made. Authentic. Delicious. Traditional Lebanese Food.

Fattoush Salad