Pack of three of my favorite spice blends is now available to purchase online for home delivery in Newcastle, or I am happy to post them to you via Australia Post.



  • 75g tub of Ras el Hanout. Literally translated to "Top of the House", Ras el Hanout is a premium Morocca spice blend. Add a few teaspoons to your stews and tagines to conjour the smoky, earthy tastes of Far North Africa.
  • 75g tub of Baharat. Baharat is the traditional "Lebanese 7 spice". Use it in replacement of ground black or white pepper in any recipe where you wish to add the subtle taste and aromatics of the Middle East.
  • 75g tub of Za'taar. Za'taar is a wonderfulluy tangy, herby Middle Eastern spice blend. It's delightful spinkled over eggs of all kinds, is great in soups, on roast veges, mashed avocado and chopped olives. Try it grilled, sprinkled with a glug of olive oil on flatbread - yum!


All my spice blends are made by hand right here in Newcastle, authentically following my ancient family recipes. 

Hand Blended Spices