The Vegetarian Lebanese Grazing Platter includes an array of fresh, seasonal Lebanese Mezza dishes such as hommus dip, babaganoush dip, savory vegetable pastries, mini vege kebabs, dolmades, olives, handmade pitta breads, stuffed pickled eggplants (called Makbous) and a range of seasonal fresh vegetables.


This grazing platter easily serves mezza (small bites) for 6-8 people.


Vegetarian Lebanese

  • ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE NEWCASTLE LGA! If you are outside the Newcastle LGA, please contact me and we can discuss if delivery to your area can be arranged.

    The inclusions in the Vegetarian Lebanese grazing Platter are seasonal and will depend on the availblilty of fresh fruit, vegetable and herbs. The platter will always have a wonderful selection of seasonal inclusions and be of similar quantity and value.