I really hate to waste, especially when it comes to food. I am the kind of person who will roast a chicken and then make chicken based dishes for the next couple of days using the "left-overs", extracting every bit of deliciousness from that bird that I can!

Yesterday I made Kafta which is a spiced and herbed lamb mince. It's one of my favorite ways to eat mince, so juicy and flavorsome - I love it and I have been accused of making it a bit too regularly (according to my boys) haha! Anyhoo, I have some left over raw/prepped Kafta in the fridge this morning and wondering what I can do with it that's a bit different and won't have my boys rolling their eyes "omg she's making that again".

This week I was at my favorite green grocer store and found some gorgeous pale green bulbs of baby Lebanese koosa (zucchini in English). The small tender bulbs are most often available through spring but sometimes in summer if the planting happens late enough in the season. I nabbed myself a bagful. Yum.

So... I have one of my favorite meats already prepped, and one of my favorite veges waiting for me to use... I wonder what will happen if I combine the two? Koosa Meshi is traditionally made by stuffing zucchini with a seasoned and spiced lamb mince and rice blend. I have never mixed Kafta with rice, but why not? So today I've blended the leftover kafta with a cup of long grain rice, cored and stuffed the baby koosa and left them to simmer in a seasoned passata base.