Kibbeh Labinyeh

Kibbeh Labinyeh, or Kibbeh in Yoghurt Sauce used to be one of my favorite dishes as a child. My brother hated this dish and would scream if we were even threatened to have to eat it. I had not made it for many years, in fact my husband of 15 years had never tasted it before tonight, but I got a hankering for the salty, sour & garlicy dish a few days ago and I knew I simply had to search my memory, look up recipes and call my dad to confirm I had it right.

Part of me was really excited to give my husband and son a new taste experience, one that is quite close to my heart. Another part of me thought "This is a very foreign dish, there's no way they would enjoy this combination of flavors". You might think that too after reading the ingredients list; the flavors sound disagreeable and clashing, but when it's tied together with the final flourish of coriander and garlic, it's a flavor sensation that's out of this world. I highly recommend you give it a go!

So please click through to photos and my family recipe for Kibbeh-b-labinyeh, or Kibbeh in yoghurt sauce - Sahtain!