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Koosa Meshi

Koosa is the Lebanese word for Zucchini. Gosh I love Koosa Meshi; for me, it's a real comfort food. The smell that fillls my home as this dish is cooking takes me straight back to childhood and this is probably one of the reasons why it is one of my favorite Lebanese dishes to this day. I get so excited when I find young Lebanese koosa in spring or early summer, the fat light green koosa with tender skins and flesh. This weekend past, after making passata, I was thinking "what would go very well with this delicious tomato sauce is... koosa!" I had to rush to our local growers market to buy some zucchinis. They only had Blackjack variety, but that is ok, they are still delicious, though the skin does carry a slight bitterness.

Click here for the recipe and photos (and another dodgy video!!) of how to make Koosa Meshi. I hope you do try it, and if you do, i would love for you to let us all know how it went!

Rita <3

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